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Alysum Theme Wiki

In Prestashop and later the “Advanced Parameters>Performance>Move JavaScript to the end” feature should always be enabled for normal theme working.

Prestashop and Alysum theme installation\update

Modules positions
Prestashop 1.6 performance tips.

Modules position on the home page


Product page

Alysum email templates

If email templates don't work

1) At first you should try to solve the issue with the BO>Modules>Theme Settings>Email Settings> button “Fix It”.
2) If your default language is other than English you should make a few steps described below.
3) Check the issue with the default PS email templates:

  1. Enable “Adv Parameters>Performance>Disable all overrides”
  2. rename the folder \themes\alysum\mails\ for example to “mails–test”

After that you can check the issue with the default PS email templates. If you see the same issue so this is not our theme fault but PS.

If your default language is other than English

In this case you need to check if there's an email template folder for your language here your_site/themes/alysum/mails/

If there's no folder for your language, do the following:

  • Make the copy of the folder for the English language “en” and rename it, for example, to “de” (if you need to create email templates for German language).
  • Then open this new folder. There you'll find 31 html files. Open them one by one and translate the text inside to your language manually. Or you can do the translation in your BackOffice > Localization > Translations. In the “Modify translations” section pick “Email templates translations” from the dropdown menu. Then click on the flag icon of your language and do the translation.

After this you will receive Alysum email templates in your language.

How to edit social login names

You can edit your social login names at the top of the file “your_site\override\classes\Mail.php”

How to change/delete some text from all the email templates

If you need to change/delete some text from all the email templates, you can easily do that with the help of Notepad++ text editor.

  • Open Notepad++
  • Choose Search > Find > Find in files.
  • Type the text you wish to find in email templates and the text, you wish to replace it with. If you want to delete some text just type ” ” (space) in the “Replace with” line.

  • Don't forget to choose the derictory your_site/themes/alysum/mails/en/ (instead of “en” you can pick any other folder for your language).
  • Click “Replace in files” button.

Easy common modifications

Common Prestashop or Alysum errors

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