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Prestashop and Alysum theme installation\update

Prestashop installation

Here you can find some helpful information about Prestashop installation and first steps after that.

Alysum theme installation

After Prestashop installing you can install the Alysum theme or any other our themes.

Before theme installing please check the file upload limit in your Back-office

In Prestashop and later the “Advanced Parameters>Performance>Move JavaScript to the end” feature should always be enabled for normal theme working.

1. Theme Archive

Extract your purchased file and find the theme archive /theme/ . This archive you should upload with the “Preferences>Themes>Add new theme” feature.

2. Installing

The Adobe Flash Plugin is needed to display this content.

If you see the error message or have problems during installation:
- You upload the theme archive and nothing happens.
- 'An error has occurred during the file upload'
- 'Bad configuration file'

- If you have some other problems register here and create the ticket and we will try to help you quickly.

3. First steps after theme installation

Alysum Update

You can find Alysum updates in your themeforest account. You can follow us on twitter. We always tweet about updates and releases

How to update from Alysum 2.x to Alysum 3.x

Alysum 3.0 compatible with prestashop 1.6.x only. If you use Prestashop 1.5.x the latest Alysum theme version is 2.9

The best way to update from alysum 2.x to 3.0 is:
1. If Prestashop is still 1.5.x update it to 1.6.
2. Make backup of your shop.
3. Go to the modules section in your back office and uninstall following modules:

  1. Blog for PrestaShop (pk_blockblog)
  2. Maintenance page (pk_maintenance)
  3. Product Video (product_extratabs)
  4. Alysum Theme Settings (themesettings)
  5. Twitter Block (twitterwidget)
  6. isotope Filter on the homepage (isotopeSort)
  7. Minic Slider (minicslider)
  8. Link block footer (blocklinkfooter)
  9. Sequence Minic Slider (Promokit edition) (sequenceminicslider)
  10. Promo Minic slider (promominicslider)
  11. Add logo on footer (blocklogo)
  12. Block share (blockshare)
  13. Products Carousel on the homepage (productsCarousel)
  14. Newsletter block with promo and social networks (blocknewsletter_ext)
  15. Facebook Like Box for Alysum (blockfacebooklike)

4. Go to “Advanced Parameters” > “Performance” and set “Template compilation” to “Force Compile” and “Cache” to “no”. In Prestashop and later the enable “Advanced Parameters>Performance>Move JavaScript to the end” feature for normal theme working.
5. Go to “modules” section, find “Import/export a theme” module and click to “configure” link
6. Choose “” archive and install it.
7. Upload “modules” folder from archive to the root of your prestashop.
8. Enjoy

After update you need to re-configure your theme and modules settings again. All files of alysum 3.0 has been updated to prestashop 1.6

If the installation went wrong

If home page is blank page: Enable Error Reporting for Debug Information and check what the errors writes on the site page.

Create the ticket in our Issue tracker and we will try to help you. If you see some small bugs create the support ticket as well ;-)

How to update

1) Disable all the cache. Advanced Parameters > Performance >

Template cache: Force compilation
Cache: Disabled
CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache): 

should be like on the screenshot

2) Backup your site before updating (it's very important, if the update goes wrong you can always go back to the previous version).

  1. Backup the whole site folder of your Prestashop platform.
  2. Backup database Back-office>Advanced Parameters>DB Backup

3) Module “Import/export a theme (Theme Installer)” > “Import from your computer Archive File” there choose the and follow the module steps.

4) After that you should copy all the update content manually (manual update). Copy the content of the archive (folders “themes” and “modules”) to the site folder with the Prestashop platform.
Here is video tutorial “How manually update the Alysum theme”

5) If after the update some modules doesn't work you might need to reinstall (Uninstall and then Install button) the “Theme Settings” module and the module that won't work.

If update problems

- If after theme update you see blank page of the front office please check that Alysum theme enabled Back-office>Preferences>Themes
- If after theme or Prestashop update you see a blank page please enable debug mode and copy to us error messages

How to update modificated theme

1) Backup the site folder.
2) Update the theme (with the instruction above).
3) Copy your modifications to updated files. For example if you have all modifications in the end of the alysum.css just copy them to the end of the updated alysum.css

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