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Modules positions

If your site looks disorganized the first thing you should do is to check the modules positions.

Path: Back-office>Modules>Positions

Here is default Alysum positions. You should have the same modules positions:

 Alysum Theme - Order of the modules

Alysum theme 2.5 and later - additional hooks

Alysum theme 2.5 has 8 additional hooks:


You can see their disposition at the image below. Default prestashop hook “DisplayTop” is free to use, and you can add modules to this hook.
The modules in these hooks can be moved to any of the hook_home_xx. For that just add the module to the hook you need and then delete it from previous hook (default hook).

Default modules can't be located in Alysum additional hooks without code modification. Alysum position hooks names

You can see them with enabling the checkbox “Display non-positionable hooks”

How to add the module

If you need to add the module to hook position just press the button “Transplant a module” at the top right.
Module: add the module you need
Hook into: select where you want to transplant the module to

More information in the official Prestashop documentation

Move any module to custom Alysum theme hook (hook_home_)

If you want to move the module to the hook that not related to this module and see the message 'This module cannot be transplanted to this hook.' . You can modificate the module and move it to any position.

Here is more information how to move the module to another hook Hook module to another position

If you want to move the module to the Alysum custom hooks you can do that with the small module modification.

Move the Home text editor module to the Alysum custom hook

This module is hooked by default to displayHome so with this help Hook module to another position (point 2)

public function hookTargetHook($params) {
   return $this->hookSourceHook('targetHook');

1) we add here the code your_site/modules/editorial/editorial.php in the end of the file before the last } Home text editor module move to Alysum custom hook

public function hookHook_home_04($params) {
   		return $this->hookDisplayHome ('hook_home_04');

2) Add the module to the hook_home_04 in the Back-office>Positions>Transplant a module 3) Remove the module from the default hook displayHome (Back-office>Positions)

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