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Custom Links block

Configuration path: Back-office>Modules> Custom Links Block, configure

In this module you can add any custom links.

Hide default items

If you want to hide the default items My Wishlist, My Favorites, Watch List you can do that only with the css code, but's easy to do.

For Alysum v3 and newer: add the code here BO > Alysum Theme Settings, configure > Custom CSS
For Alysum older than v3.0: add to the end of file /themes/alysum_2.0/css/alysum.css

/* $modif - custom links hide default items */
#page #pk_customlinks .pk_wishlist {display:none} /* hide Wishlist */
#page #pk_customlinks .pk_favorites {display:none} /* hide Favorites */
#page #pk_customlinks .pk_watchlist {display:none} /* hide Watchlist */

Change hover background color

Red by default.

#page li.pk_wishlist:hover, #page li.pk_favorites:hover, #page li.pk_watchlist:hover, #page .watchlist, #page .favoritelist, #page #pk_wishlist {background-color: rgba(225, 115, 101, 0.9);}
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