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Layered navigation block

This is easy default Prestashop module for creating filters (price, color, attributes and etc.).

To show the filter in the products category list you need to enable and configure the module. It will be shown only in the product categories pages (not in the cms pages, contacts, about us). It can be shown either for “All product categories” or for specific product categories (that you can choose).


Configuration path Back-office > Modules > Layered navigation block, configuration

Choose the categories where you wish to see this module and the “Available filters” (price, color, size etc)


If you've configured the module and it won't display, make the following steps:

  • Make sure that there are products in the category where you have applied the module.
  • Check the module positions (Modules>Positions). Layered navigation block should be in the position displayRightColumn and displayLeftColumn. If you don't have it there, add it. How to add the module to the position.
  • Re-install the module.
    • Modules > Layered navigation block, “Uninstall” button.
    • After that press the “Install” button.

If there's wrong price shown or wrong attributes, press “Rebuild entire price index” or “Build attribute index” accordingly.

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