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Extended Newsletter

Simple module for social buttons and subscriptions.

You can change 3 images with the back-office Modules > Newsletter block with promo and social networks, configure


Back Office > Localization > Translations > Installed module translations (Language: !YOUR LANGUAGE!, Theme: alysum) > Module: pk_newsletter


Hide social buttons

If you want to hide the social buttons you can do that with this code to the Modules>Theme Settings configure>Custom CSS

/* $customer modifications*/
#newsletter_block_ext ul { display: none }

Change social icon or item

  • Icons path /modules/pk_newsletter/img/icons.png
  • Change\delete social item you can in the file \modules\pk_newsletter\views\templates\hook\pk_newsletter.tpl line about 13

For example change youtube link to any you need

 <li class="youtube"><a class="icon" href="{$youtube_url}"></a></li> 

change to

 <li class="youtube"><a class="icon" href=""></a></li> 

Color of text

Title text: Socialize With Us!

 #newsletter_block_ext .indent h4 { color: black !important;} 

Body text: Subscribe to the latest news from your favorite brands.

 #newsletter_block_ext .indent p { color: black !important;} 

Paste advertise banner instead of social block

file Your_site\modules\pk_newsletter\views\templates\hook\pk_newsletter.tpl
change the code

<div class="col social">
		<div class="content">
			<img class="soc_img" src="{$image_soc}" />
			<div class="opacity_bg"></div>
			<div class="opaque">
				<div class="indent">
				<h4>{l s='Socialize With Us!' mod='blocknewsletter_ext'}</h4>
				<p>{l s='Subscribe to the latest news from your favorite brands.' mod='blocknewsletter_ext'}</p>
					<li class="youtube"><a class="icon" href="{$youtube_url}"></a></li>
					<li class="twitter"><a class="icon" href="!/{$twitter_url}"></a></li>
					<li class="facebook"><a class="icon" href="{$facebook_url}"></a></li>
					<li class="google_plus"><a class="icon" href="{$gplus_url}/posts"></a></li>

to this one

<div class="col social">
		<a href="" title="Alysum theme site">
			<img src="" alt="Alysum theme promo" title="Alysum theme promo" width="294" height="294" />

and change the URLs and Titles to yours.

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