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Products Carousel on the homepage module

Type of products to display

Configuration path: Modules > Products Carousel on the homepage
You can choose witch product types will be shown - specials, featured or new. You can't set a specific product to be displayed though. It will always display only the latest product that was marked as new or discounted.

Special, products with the discount, configure here Catalog>Products>Edit>Price

Featured products show the products that marked in the home category. And you should have at least 2 products in the HOME category.

New products can be configured here BO>Preferences>Products> “Number of days for which the product is considered 'new'”


Change the image dimensions

The best way to resize the image here: Back-office > Preferences > Images > home_alysum and large_alysum

and then 'Regenerate the thumbnails'.

350px is height by default

/* $customer modifications*/
#productsCarousel ul li { height: 350px !important}
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