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Update for Alysum theme v. 2.0

There are a lot of changes in alysum 2.0 has been implemented. The main innovations are: – alysum become responsive theme – the names of product images has been changed from “…_default” to “…_alysum”

The best way to update Alysum is install and use it separated from old version.

  1. Make backup of your shop.
  2. Go to “Advanced Parameters” > “Performance” and set “Template cache” to “Force Compile” and “Cache” to “no”
  3. Go to “modules” section, find “Import/export a theme” module and click to “configure” link
  4. Choose “” archive and install it. Theme will be installed to separated folder from your old version
  5. Upload “modules” folder from archive to the root of your prestashop.
  6. Go to “Theme settings” module and set “legacy image names” to “yes” and “logo position” to “center”
  7. Go to “modules” section and install “Twitter Block”, “Facebook Like Box” and “Custom Links block” modules
  8. Go to “module position” section and change modules order as described in the documentation
  9. Uninstall “My Account block on footer extended” and “Permanent links block” modules
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