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Names of modules on the homepage


Top horizontal menu module

Modules modifications

By default only text menu item is a link to the category. But you can also turn icon into a link to the categories.

Add this code to the script.tpl file of the Theme Settings module, line 549 – 551 instead of :

$(child).each(function(index) { 
   $(this).addClass("menuitem_"+index).append('<a href=""></a>'); 

put this :

 $(child).each(function(index) { 
  var link =  $(this).find('a').attr('href'); 
   $(this).addClass("menuitem_"+index).append('<a href="'+link+'"></a>'); 

Welcome block

This module enables you to introduce your store with an intro text plus 2 special products.

Text block you can change with the back-office (Modules>Welcome block, configure).
Promo block displays last 2 products with the discount price automatically. You can't change it manually.
Welcome block front-end
Welcome block back-office

Whole site changes

You can remove it directly with in the file your_site/themes/arundo/footer.tpl

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