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Here you will find some common and helpful questions of our customers.

After theme installing

If something doesn't work right:

  • Advanced Parameters>Performance>“Clear Cache”
  • Make sure that Advanced Parameters>Performance> “Disable non PrestaShop modules”, “Disable all overrides” are disabled and “Move JavaScript to the end” enabled

  • If some module doesn't work right try to reset the module. Attention! Module reset erases all the data so you will need to re-configure the module from scratch.


Theme Settings

The link in cookies directs to CMS page. You can change the ID of CMS page in the file /modules/pk_themesettings/pk_themesettings.php find the line:


and change 11 to ID of your page


>>Translate in the email "Follow Us" "Like us on"

You can do that in the file site\override\classes\Mail.php

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