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Duplicate (copy) the module

Here is some helpful information on how to do that

Just remember. Both modules will use the same variables and you should change these variables in one of these modules. For instance, if you have variable “CAROUSEL_PRODUCTS_NUMBER” just rename it like this (or as you want) CAROUSEL_PRODUCTS_NUMBER_2 Hope this trick will help you.

  1. Copy the folder blocklinkfooter\ and rename to blocklinkfooter2\
  2. In the folder rename files to blocklinkfooter2.php, blocklinkfooter2.tpl and blocklinkfooter2.js
  3. In the file blocklinkfooter2.php using a text editor find all the words “BlockLinkFooter” and rename them to BlockLinkFooter2 (all words that include this name, for example id_blocklinkfooter2, blocklinkfooter2_shop, blocklinkfooter2_lang and so on).
  4. In the translation files rename the names too. blocklink to blocklink2
  5. In all files rename the text “Link block footer” to “Link block footer2”
  6. zip the folder blocklinkfooter2\ . It should look like “\\blocklinkfooter2\ files”
  7. Install the module with the Back-office>Modules>“Add new module” button

It should work.

More information about modules duplicate with Gooooooogle

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