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Prestashop performance

Here is some helpful information about very important thing - Prestashop site performance. Your site should always be fast loading and well optimized for slow internet connections for customers convenience.

Site performance is one of the most important matters so always try to keep your shop in good shape.

When your site is open for customers.

The most important performance feature is enabled Prestashop cache. So don't forget to enable the cache when all your developing is finished and the site is opened for customers.
Back-office > Advanced Parameters > Performance
Here is how it should be

Memcheched should be supported by your hoster. If it's not supported you can choose the chache “File system”

Important! If the caching system configuration is wrong it can significantly reduce your site performance. So always test the site speed with the caching system enabled and disabled

How to improve the prestashop site speed and reduce the server load

Good advise from our customer

I had also a speed problem with prestashop in general. The SOLUTION: Move to a host and work only on Linux, don't use any CPanels. CPancels appeared to slow down the website a lot. Check my page for speed. or

Promokit Team don't recommend you to refuse of the CPanel. because ti has a lot of helpful tools for not-advanced server users. But if for you site speed is extremely important you can try to test the site speed without CPanel.

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